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Passenger Bill of Rights

For all ground transportation Services

All passengers of a ground transportation vehicle, including but not limited to a sedan, SUV, van, mini-coach or bus, are entitled to the following, and should have the right to ask the driver to provide:

Proof of proper commercial-for-hire licensing and certifications as governed by local, state and federal regulations.

A safe and courteous driver that obeys all traffic laws with proof of commercial vehicle insurance.

Assurance that the vehicle being driven, has undergone regular inspections, and is certified safe and mechanically sound.

A fully-vetted and trained driver that has undergone official criminal background checks and pre-hire drug testing.

Ready access to the transportation service provider, via email, telephone or in-person, of the ground transportation service to voice any concerns or complaints that arise before, during and after the ride.

A quoted fare for your trip and a final charge that matches that agreed-upon amount (except in cases of changes in trip itinerary or duration.)

Air conditioning or heat on request.

Access to fully functioning seatbelts.

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